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Day one you made me laugh. I felt flowers bloom inside my ears at the sound of your voice; you should probably know that I’ve killed every plant I’ve ever owned.

Day two you carried me up the driveway. I told you my heels were too high, but really I wanted to feel your heartbeat with every step; I wanted to melt into your chest and breathe through your lungs but your arms kept me from falling.

Day three you watched as tears streamed down my face. I know the silence was killing you, but your warmth was the only thing holding me together. I feel your touch wherever I go.

Day four you wrapped your arms around my waist. You said you could feel my heart racing, but in actuality there were butterflies coursing through my veins; in that moment, I swear, I heard wings whisper in my ears. I was flying.

Day five you tried to kiss my scars. I pulled away; I knew all you’d taste was sadness and I couldn’t let you choke. You told me you’d let sadness suffocate you if it meant I could finally breathe.

Day six you thought I was asleep in your arms, but really, I was swimming in the rise and fall of your chest. I may be a shipwreck, but I feel you flooding through my cracks and maybe being broken isn’t so bad.

Day seven you pushed the hair from my face, as if they were dandelion seeds and my smile was the only thing you’d ever wish for.

Day eight you kissed my forehead and told me when I smiled there were shooting stars in my eyes. When you asked why I looked away, I told you it was for the same reason the moon hides as it drifts through its phases. You smiled and said that you hoped for a full moon soon.

Day nine you tangled your fingers in mine. You held me regardless of the bloody knuckles staining sadness into your skin. I felt my heart beating in your palm, and, when it skipped a beat, for the first time, it wasn’t on purpose.

Day ten you looked at me as if I were a thunderstorm and you wanted to get lost in the rain. I told you I felt dead inside and you told me that couldn’t be, because I make fireflies dance in your stomach and there are waves crashing under my skin; you said that I am more than a rotting flower and that life burns in my eyes.
I could finally feel myself inhale and exhale to your heartbeat, and in that moment, I wanted to live forever.

— It took me 10 days to fall in love with you (via thewordsat3am)

Degausser - Brand New


Degausser - Brand New


No one is unextraordinary. Especially not Hazel Grace. #TFIOS


sometimes my school does things right
whoever you are
i love you for doing this


Accurate representation of K’s inbox


Accurate representation of K’s inbox




today at work someone tipped me a potato


in some countries that is a marriage proposal

Even the potato looks confused


Abro a janela e…😧🌇 (em Home🏡)


Abro a janela e…😧🌇 (em Home🏡)

“A blowjob isn’t given with your mouth, it’s given with your heart”
— My boyfriend trying to get head (via sextnoise)

“If I was your girlfriend/boyfriend”…finish it in my ask